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Respisense™ Ditto Tummy Movement Monitor

Respisense™ – the revolutionary ‘use anywhere’; baby breathing effort monitor, sold worldwide including the UK since 2005. This is the official UK website for Respisense™.

An increasing number of parents are aware of the need to ensure that their baby’ s breathing is uninterrupted during sleep. Traditional baby breathing monitors and baby movement devices are ineffective in most baby sleeping situations outside a cot or baby’ s bed.

Respisense™ is designed for portability and flexibility; its simple operation requires no mains power, simply clip it onto the waistband of your baby’ s nappy, turn it on and it will quietly and unobtrusively monitor baby’ s tummy movements. If no baby tummy movement is detected, Respisense™ will trigger an alarm.

Unique and Proactive

Proactive monitoring of your baby’ s respiratory movement is achieved with the TummyTickle™; a tactile stimulator that gently acts as a ‘wake-up call’ for your baby by gently stimulating the tummy after an initial 15 seconds of inactivity.

Where baby tummy movement does not resume within 5 seconds of TummyTickle™ an alarm will sound alerting parent or carer to the potential danger. The alarm itself will usually stir baby back to normal breathing activity.

Portable Tummy Movement Monitor

Respisense™ Ditto can be used practically anywhere that baby may fall asleep. Use Respisense™ in:

  • Traditional cots or cribs
  • Moses Baskets or Bassinets
  • Travel cots
  • Baby travel systems
  • Prams and pushchairs
  • Papooses and slings
  • Co-sleeping
  • Anywhere baby sleeps
  • Co-sleeping babies, whether twins or triplets sleeping in one cot, or babies in need of special care, can be monitored safely and remotely.
  • Respisense™ is simply the most versatile, portable and convenient way to monitor your baby’ s tummy movements.
  • Please take a few moments to browse the website and learn more about this innovative, user-friendly baby security product.

"I recently won a Respisence monitor with and I would just like to say a big thank you! It is an amazing product and I will be recommending it to all my friends in my day to day life and online. It really is new and different and works very well :D Many thanks"

Abi Lyes

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"...This device gives me peace of mind because it works beautifully.."

Charmaine Futter

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